Saturday, 11 March 2017

Scavengers of the Labyrinth, 1st Arch

So the first Arch is done! If anything, I aimed too low, and made it too simple, but everyone had fun and now understand the system. So the breakdown:

1 - Welcome to Faith: A simple adventure, players were hired to scout a distant planet, simply get some scans. A faint energy reading takes them to a Korian power cell

2 - The Wreck: The original Faith introductory adventure. Where everything started, really. Players fought off the Ravagers, an unlikely high card draw made my Ironskin dead in 1 turn. Players got samples of Ravagers (2 of them have biological backgrounds), an old cargo shuttle, as well as a half dead human, before ship self-destructed. One of the players sent an anonymous message to Nations Solution (Corp that owned the wreck) stating what had happened.

3 - A Simple Delivery: Players got tracked down by the NS Research division, and were forced to hand out the bio samples. As a trade-off, Gu Wei, the Head of Research, a suave and charming Corvo, said they could keep the cargo shuttle if they delivered some cargo. During the pickup of said cargo, players narrowly avoided a mine field.... Whereupon they hacked a few of the mines and captured them. Upon delivery of the first package, the reviving station was ripped apart by a powerful gravity bomb. Players narrowly escaped the shockwave, and were now being hunted as criminals!

4 - End of the Line: A returning character led the players to Umbra Station, in the Tartarus sector. End of the line, a hive of thieves and cutthroats. An information broker told them about many odd happenings involving NS and their interest in Ravagers/civilians involved with them. After a brief chase, the players were captured by Gu Wei, who turns out to be a Ravager Skinchanger (Ravager bred to look exactly like any other race). After a fierce combat, some of the NS security forces were revealed to be Coalition Intelligence, who then helped with the cleanup, and cleared the players' names in exchange for their silence. They were investigating NS until that point, but had no proof.

In the end, back at their ship and their amazing shower room (VERY long story) the players had a message waiting. No sender, and the origin code purposefully corrupted beyond recovery. Two short sentences.


I have many resources/NPC's/ideas. If you wish to run any of these, please let me know!


  1. can you share those resources pls?


    1. The Bazaar: Iz’kal resupply station D-224-Blue, decommissioned, bought by a commercial consortium. Placed in a decent sized chamber of the Labyrinth, in a crossroads of wormholes. A market for any who have the credits.

    2. T’konn VI: Distant planet, about 1 week away from The Bazaar. Hostile fauna (Bettleboars) will attack players. Faint power reading turns out to be a Korian power cell. (Pretty good seed if there are any Raag or Iz’kal players)

    3. Labyrinth: Space-like events, pirates, mines, unmapped wormholes

    1. Tinn Wu Henn (‘Big T’): Amoral fixer, contracts players to scout T’konn VI. Will usually work out of The Bazaar. Fat, friendly Corvo, that will stab you in the back at the first sign of trouble.

    2 – THE WRECK
    (using the Faith original intro adventure). Big T hires players to track down the Purple Thunderous, to recover some expensive, high-grade AI chips. Handles over last known location of ship.

    1. The Purple Thunderous, a Nation Solutions-hire freighter.
    2. The Bazaar
    3. Labyrinth: Space-like events, pirates, mines, unmapped wormholes

    2. Big T
    3. Half dead human on the wreck (Stephen Walters)
    4. Ravagers on board. Ship was boarded by a Ravager scout ship.

    Players get tracked down to The Bazaar by Nation’s solutions Research Division. They are allowed to keep any salvage if they deliver cargo. Cargo is 3 crates, all 3 are Gravity Bombs, able to destroy everything in 100 meter diameter (Players will not know this, boxes detonate on timer, location beacons, or if hacked, whatever is better).

    1. Sigma Gamma Prime – Pirate hideout, where the crates need to be picked up
    2. Mronna Station – Delivery destination of the first box (Box detonates before players are out of the system, they need to see the station breaking apart, within hours, players’ face will be on the news feeds as the perpertrators)
    3. The Bazaar
    4. Labyrinth: Space-like events, pirates, mines, unmapped wormholes
    5. Assorted ships, if needed.

    1. Big T
    2. Gu Wei, Head of Research, Nation’s Solutions.
    3. Pirates, assorted races: Chrome, Blade, Spike, etc.
    4. Mronna Station crew (nice and welcoming, they will all die)

    Players are now targets. Nations Solution analysts keep coming on the feeds, blaming players for everything (odd that a Corp would be that interested in a civilian station…). Players go to Umbra Station, find info broker. Turns out NS has been trying to reach people involved in Ravager encounters, and then they disappear. Gu finally tracks players, and is revealed to be Ravager Skinchanger (in my case he was just monologuing his success and boasted to the players). When dead, some of his security detail were Coalition Intelligence.

    1. Umbra Station, Tartarus sector: abandoned colony ship in the middle of a radioactive nebula, worse of the worse, cutthroats and killers.
    2. The Bazaar
    3. Labyrinth: Space-like events, pirates, mines, unmapped wormholes
    4. Assorted ships, if needed.
    5. The Innovative Darkness, a Nation’s Solution cruiser

    1. Big T
    2. Gu Wei, Head of Research, Nation’s Solutions, secretly a Ravager.
    3. Pirates, assorted races.
    4. Umbra Station (makeshift, dirty, scary)
    5. Coalition Intelligence operatives