Friday, 3 February 2017

Life and where to find it.

Life: What's out there? We don't know.

Although the space occupied by both the Corvosphere and The State (with the addition of any space currently occupied by any Raag Ice Fortress) is vast is individual terms, it is the proverbial drop in the galactic ocean. Most star systems will have planets/planetoids. About 10% of these will have some form of basic/lower life. This can mean simply a primordial soup, and all the way to lower animals/plants. And then 0.1% of these planets will have some form of sentient life. These will vary wildly, from slightly intelligent animals all the way to civilisations. Some of these will have found the Labyrinth. And then, on the top of that very local pyramid, we have the Corvo and the Iz'kal.

But exploration and scouting missions go off all the time in every direction. There's bound to be more stuff out there....

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