Friday, 3 February 2017

Oh what's in a name?

Star Systems, Planets and Stations:

There are billions of planets around stars in Known Space, and more are discovered daily. As there are - apparently - no limits to the extension of the Labyrinth, Known Space is just that, the bubble of space around the Corvosphere and The State that has been explored. Most stars and/or planets will have a code in their respective races' catalogues, although some leaked Coalition starmaps have combined both referentials. If the planet has been visited or is inhabited, a more informal name is usually used. 

Examples are:
XT-22-94, Dirtball, Sigma Delta 4, Evraoh, Bral, Umaets, Slui'i, The Bazaar, Xin's Fortune, Ahhma Falls, Procyon III, KD - 329, 1889 - Gamma, Draconis 27, Odin's Eye, The Anvil, Night's Sword

Names are as varied as the number of stars in the heavens. Traditionally Corvo names are made of 3 units, denoting proper name, family and bloodline. Raag names are more varied in structure and do not follow a recognisable pattern, as they evolved from a non-written language. Iz'kal names are simple, and harmonious.
All of this said, most sentients will sometimes prefer to be called by a nickname or callsign.


Kai'Xi'Chu, Ko'Fai'Jy, Sio'Hu'Wua, Hao'Gui'Dde

Faatin Hassen, Izzat Baksh , Widd Abby, Tayy Zaddi

Shoan Ronn , Montyl Javik, Airal Pavan, Hela Berav

Rutland Evans, Silas Campbell, Evelyn Roberts, Selina Shaw

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