Friday, 3 February 2017

The Story So Far....

Travelling the Labyrinth, one finds a whole subculture of undesirables, the credit-less Corvo, the unsubmitting Iz'kal, the peaceful Raag.

Some of these folk do odd jobs, stealing, smuggling and moving people and cargo around Known Space.

And here our story begins, with a loose collection of folk, abord an old Corvo light freighter, The Gypsy. Folk with different abilities and knowledge, just working for some coin.

On the first aventure (the Intro), a simple scouting trip found a deserted planet, populated by some very nasty Beetleboars, and a faint energy signature showed to be an old Korian power cell. Where it had come, no one could tell.

On the second adventure (based on Burning Games' intro adventure), the mission was to track down The Purple Thunderous a Corvo heavy freighter that had gone missing. Upon tracking an almost invisible trail of paint flecks through the Labyrinth, the players emerged onto Normal Space to find the ship adrift. Inside, the truth was heartstopping, the freighter had been hit by a Ravager scout and hadd been boarded. The characters fought dearly for their lives, and managed to escape the ship with some salvage, a human survivor, and a keycard they found  in the captains' quarters, revealing the ship was the property of Nation's Solution, one of the Corvosphere's biggest corps....

...who will never stop tracking their own....

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