Friday, 3 February 2017

Other Players and Places

The Bazaar. Originally Iz'kal resupply station Blue-448, located in N-Space, inside a decent sized chamber of the Labyrinth. Sold to a consortium of investors after the Reticulum Agreements, and the stabilisation of the Coreawards border. Now nicknamed 'The Bazaar', or even 'The Bizarre', it serves as an unofficial trading post. The main races allow its presence and operation due to the money generated by smuggling and information that filters from everywhere. If you visit, try The Lucky Star bar on level 4, section 8. You'll never drink a smoother T'inn Woo

The Coalition: an alliance of Iz'Kal and Corvo military forces, focused on the Ravager threat. They have been given unprecedented freedom of movement and resources, becoming effectively a new, independent player in Known Space. They have total authority to operate and manage areas of space (including while systems), that show Ravager activity.

The Lucky Star: prime watering hole of The Bazaar. You can see elements of all major races dealing, drinking and gambling in this place. Come for the business or the booze and you won't be disappointed. Weapons are recommended, at pretty much all times.

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